Personal Hosting

With the spread of the Internet, a lot of people turned to the web and created a personal website. Without a doubt, this is the best and cheapest way to reach millions of people around the world and share ideas and interests with them. Having a website today is easy and guarantees success for any online business and a lot of new contacts.

There are different types of personal sites that you can create. Some people, for example, create an online portfolio that can help them find new clients if they offer services, or find a job, if they are looking for one, because employers can easily see their employment history. A family-owned hotel can find guests, providing information and pictures, while bloggers can create a blog about something general or about a specific topic and keep it updated no matter where they are or what time it is - this is the freedom the Internet gives you.

Personal Hosting

The best web hosting type for a personal website is the shared web hosting solution. With this type, you will get an account with a certain amount of system resources, sharing the server with a number of other people. Since each person pays for their plan, the price you will pay will be very low, much lower than what you would pay for a Virtual Private Server or a dedicated server. There are different shared hosting plans depending on the particular provider, but any shared plan can be used for a personal site, so you will not have to pay for a plan whose resources you cannot use.

The account includes some disk space on the provider's servers, some monthly traffic allowance, a server CPU load limit, and so on. Some providers also offer unlimited plans where one or more of the aforementioned features do not have a fixed quota.

Once you have an account, you can log in to find a number of useful functions. You can create email accounts with your domain name, for example, and this is crucial for any respectable business. You can also view statistics about the number of visitors to your site, what site they came from and which web page they opened most.

There is also a File Manager in the website hosting Control Panel tool that allows you to upload your website files if you have created the site on your computer. Many providers also support a File Transfer Protocol (FTP) connection, so you can use either an FTP program or, with the FTP account details at hand, you can upload directly from the web design application on your computer. This makes keeping the website up to date fast and easy, but you need to do everything on your computer, at home or at work. That's why, some providers like Lonex offer an online website builder that can be accessed through any web browser, so you can update your website from any computer, even if you are on a trip abroad. All pages and images are stored on the server, so you can edit them directly, without the need to have them on your local computer and to upload them once you have edited them.

An alternative to the web design programs would be a script-driven platform that is designed for a specific type of website. With WordPress or b2evolution you can start a blog, Coppermine and 4images will help you create professional-looking image galleries, while OsCommerce and Zen Cart are some of the best solutions to start your own online store. These scripts offer all the tools you need to build a professional website without spending a dime for a web designer.

The development of hosting and web design services makes maintaining your personal online presence easy and you no longer need skills or experience to create a professional website. Everything is managed through a user-friendly interface and keeping your site updated takes just a few clicks.